The Five Things You Should Know That Your Auto Insurance Company Is Not Telling You 

There are a lot of hidden truths when it comes to auto insurance. There are a lot of things your company does not want you to know, but you should. Today’s topic of discussion involves discussing some of those hidden truths.

Cheap Insurance

You can buy cheap insurance. You do not need all the bells and whistles your typical insurance company advertises. You just need the basics, including liability insurance. The limited coverage means you are off the hook for any damage you do. Your insurance company wants you to buy the other stuff because that transfers the responsibility to them. They do not like that. The liability is going to be more expensive, but it is all you need.


This process involves your company evaluating your needs and the risk you pose. There are a lot of factors that go into determining the rate you pay. You might go talk to two companies. They are going to come up with their own conclusions, even though they have looked at the same information. That is why it is important to shop around before you invest in an auto insurance company. One company might look solely at your credit history, while another looks at the number of accidents or tickets you have. It can be a slippery slope for some of you without a lot of money and with a bad credit history. Nerd Wallet has an article that is worth reading about how your bad credit history may or may not have an impact on you.

The Price You Pay

Every company is different when it comes to evaluating the price you pay. That is because they use different methods to calculate your history, as I explained above. It is a competitive place. Each company wants to find a new customer to do business with you. The price is important, but it should not be your deciding factor. You need to pay attention to how the people treat you. Does the company treat you like just another number? You should look elsewhere if that is the case. I do not care how cheap their rates are. You can get started by searching for Auto Insurance Near Me and see what pops up.

Policy Lapse

Companies are going to see you as a risk if you let your policy lapse for any reason. That is why it is essential that you do not let your policy lapse, or you will pay more with the next company you sign with. Your history travels around to every agency. Do you want to switch companies? Switch before your current policy cancels out. It is the best way to avoid a penalty.

Discounts Are Good

Discounts work everywhere, even in the auto world. Make sure you use them at the right time. It can mean the difference between paying $500 and $1,000.


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