Know More About 2019 Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period

Typically, you have the option to only enroll in the different MA Plans or pick the original Medicare Advantage during the specific period each year. One tip that will help you a lot is that make sure that you have enrolled in a timely manner. If it is so then, you have avoided gaps in coverage when using the enrollment periods. Medicare Advantage disenrollment period is the time when you can make changes only if you a Medicare (private) health plan. It is needed to mention here that if you disenroll from your MPHP, then the federal laws do not allow you to buy the Medigap plan.

Things You Should Know About The Disenrollment period:

As already discussed above that the disenrollment period is the time when you can change/switch back to the original Medicare Plan and drop the MA Plan. Here are the points you should know about the disenrollment period, here we go:

  • Medicare Advantage disenrollment period falls from Jan 01 to Feb 14 every year. If you have the plan to take advantage of this period in the coming year 2019, then 2019 Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period will start on 1-1-2019.
  • You have picked a Medicare Supplement Plan then you can apply for a new plan at any time the whole year. However, in case of MA Plan C, you can switch back to the Original Medicare only during the MADP.
  • You have decided to switch back then the changes will become valid from the first day of the following month.
  • It is highly essential to work with a licensed agent if you do not want to indulge in the lapse in coverage.
  • The people changing their MA Plan to the Original Medicare do not possess any special rights to enroll in the Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Changes are going to happen for 2019 Medicare Part D plans.

How To Join And Switch Plan?

Let’s take a brief look at how to join or switch the Medicare Advantage Plan:

You are already in the MA Plan and thinking to switch then:

Join the plan you chose during the enrollment period. By doing so, you will get automatically disenrolled from your previous Plan. Now the new Plan’s coverage has started.

Switch to the original Medicare:

Contact your current plan. Again, remember that you can only switch during the particular time each year.

In the coming year 2019, the enrollment period is starting from the 1st Jan till March 31st. During that period the members will be able to disenroll from their current plans and switch to a different Plan. But they can only change one time in a year. Also, they can disenroll from the MA Plan and get back to the original Medicare. Pay close attention to the date your MA disenrollment becomes effective. To make it even clearer, you cannot use the MADP to join or switch the plans. It is just that you can only get disenrolled from MA Plan to Original Medicare.

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