Reasons You Need Insurance

When it comes to insurance, it’s something many of us feel like we can barely afford, if we can afford it at all. I, myself, only recently got health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, which I’m in danger or losing any day now. C’est la vie, I guess. But, it’s an important part of modern living. We rarely face danger, but it still lurks out there, waiting in ambush, and it’s nice to know you have somebody looking out for you, someone in your corner, so to speak.

Health insurance, in particular is something to really help us rest easy. It can derail your life to unexpectedly fall ill, miss work, lose money, etc. I should know. I got my insurance just in time, it seems, as I soon fell ill with what I thought was the flu, then was told it might be cancer, and was actually an autoimmune disease. That was a terrifying and turbulent time in my life, but I count myself lucky that I could have faith in the medical system to cure what ails me, because I had medical insurance. That is the exact kind of silver lining we need in an emergency, and the kind of peace of mind we need in our day to day lives. Without that peace of mind, your life is riddled with anxiety, worrying about what could happen and fearing the worst.

We need to be able to live our lives fully, and that means need to have a safety net for our worst case scenario. That’s insurance in a nutshell, a safety net to catch you when and if you fall. With it, you can buy some new clothes from Nordstrom, book a flight to Paris, and see the world without a care. Without it, you’ll live in fear of the day you’ll finally need it. So, whatever you can do to get some insurance coverage to back up, do it. And, please, don’t vote for legislations or, ahem, Presidents, that aim to make it harder to have that peace of mind.

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