Safety Danger Administration – 10 Million Years of Evolution and Nonetheless We Worry the Fallacious Issues

So simply what is that this factor known as safety danger administration (SRM)?The Safety Danger Administration Physique of Information defines safety danger administration as “the culture, processes and structures that are directed towards maximising benefits and minimising adverse effects associated with the intentional and unwarranted actions of others against organisational assets”.Whereas technically true, this definition nonetheless doesn’t inform us what which means to the common particular person. In his article, ‘The Psychology of Safety’ , Bruce Schneier observes that “Security is both a feeling and a reality. And they’re not the same”. Getting nearer to the reality of the matter now – or no less than to a helpful definition.Safety is arguably the type of danger administration with which we as people ought to in idea have probably the most expertise. Effectively earlier than the ISO31000 Danger Administration Customary and even ideas of occupational well being and security danger administration, monetary danger administration, well being danger administration, and so forth, our cave dwelling ancestors needed to be taught to handle life and loss of life dangers from predators, rivals and different clans.After one million years of evolution we are actually the proud possessors of a finely tuned reptilian mind which might generate combat or flight choices immediately. Preferrred for going through (or fleeing) the sabre-tooth tiger, evaluating the specter of strangers strolling into your encampment and a bunch of fast ‘in your face’ dangers, the amygdala has served us effectively.These danger administration processes that we would have liked in our tribal clans nonetheless serve us effectively every single day, whether or not it’s when crossing the highway, deciding which alleyways NOT to stroll down or just reacting immediately if an uncontrolled automotive mounts the kerb.

Coping with extra advanced dangers akin to terrorism and world warming alternatively, to not point out the selections all of us make as people akin to which nation to vacation in, whether or not to spend cash on an alarm system, and deciding on insurance coverage cowl, require extra advanced choice making and analysis instruments. Over many millennia, we now have happily managed to evolve the mammalian mind or neocortex for advanced evaluation, logic and scientific discovery and this instrument is ideally suited to these extra advanced duties.Sadly, the 2 processes are sometimes in battle. Witness for instance, the docs and nurses smoking exterior a hospital. Their mammalian mind is aware of the long run dangers however the reptilian mind is making the fast danger choices for them after they select to make use of nicotine to assist them get by way of the day. After all, it’s by no means that straightforward – the mind chemistry happening right here is way more advanced; however smoking, together with our responses to terrorism, world warming and related challenges, stays a every day illustration of the battle between the 2.So why is it that our finely tuned analytical safety danger administration processing centre (the neocortex) is over-ridden on some very essential points? Effectively, for starters, at 2 to three million years of age, the neocortex remains to be successfully in beta testing. Should you hear intently to the language of SRM you’ll hear phrases akin to terrorism, armed theft, assault, medication, and theft, in addition to rallying cries akin to “the war on terror”, “zero tolerance” and “national security”. All very emotional stuff actually. And this after all is the place we implement safety danger administration (or any danger administration) usually. Aside from actuaries and a few of the extra skilled danger managers, most of us handle danger within the emotional a part of our mind.Whereas terrorists managed to kill three,000 folks within the 9/11 assaults, it’s seemingly that they’ve killed greater than that variety of People once more simply on the roads. As David Myers postulated in December 2001, if the concern of hijack precipitated People to fly 20 % much less and as an alternative drive 50 % of the miles that they’d have travelled within the air, this might be more likely to lead to a further 800 fatalities per 12 months on the roads. He argued basically that it was fairly seemingly that the terrorists would kill extra folks on the the roads than that they had killed on all 4 hijacked planes. We are going to by no means know for sure how a lot is attributable to easy inhabitants will increase versus terrorism; nonetheless, statistics from the Fatality Evaluation Reporting System present that 809 extra folks died on America’s roads in 2002 than in 2001.Danger is an evolving idea that not solely grows and varies as we acquire additional understanding but additionally varies between cultures and communities. SRM normally entails stopping a damaging or antagonistic affect on property or folks; nonetheless, it’s also essential to do not forget that an additional goal of is to help in realising alternatives.Effectively thought of safety danger administration entails partaking each the reptilian and mammalian brains to make effectively thought of, reasoned choices in a sound danger administration framework. A lot work has been finished on this already not least of all of the ISO31000 Danger Administration Customary (scheduled for launch in March 2009) which defines a constant course of as based mostly on AS/NZS4360:2004 Danger Administration Customary and associated texts.There’s, after all, no such factor as good safety and doubtless by no means will probably be. Safety entails making trade-offs. Locking our automobiles on the grocery store, for instance, is a minor inconvenience which most of us settle for each day due to the advantages – perceived or in any other case. Equally, most of us willingly settle for the danger of being pickpocketed in change for the advantages of life in society. If we needed to utterly keep away from the danger of being robbed, effectively even dwelling on a desert island may introduce its personal suite of dangers to our safety, even when solely from the wildlife.

In the meantime, for these of us dwelling in society, and particularly for these of us who work within the discipline of safety danger administration or are answerable for the safety of others and regardless of what number of years’ expertise we could have, it’s price remembering every single day, the truism that “we can learn every trick in our adversaries’ play book – except the one they’re using right now”.Additional ReadingFatality Evaluation Reporting System (FARS). Out there at: Considered: 17 August, 2008.Myers, D (2001), “Do We Fear the Right Things?”. Observer, American Psychological Society,

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